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Armored Warfare PS4: Grab an Early Access Code

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Are you a fan of Armored Warfare and would you play it on PlayStation 4? Would you like to get early access to some amazing in-game goods? Armored Warfare for PlayStation 4 is launching on February 20, 2018, and you can be amongst the first players to experience it today in the Early Access Phase with one of the ten codes I’m giving away.

The major features of the PS4 version include many of the elements known from the PC version of the game, such as:

Global Operations – a unique blend of PvP and PvE modes using a large-scale battlefield. Capture special zones, call airstrikes, get additional supplies, resist the enemy AI support and ensure the AI cover the back, respawn during the battle – all this comes on large scale maps for Real Tank Action!


Cutting-Edge Technology – get immersed into the modern battlefield with overhead surveillance drones, airstrikes, guided missiles fire and smoke grenades all playing tactical roles. The state of the art vehicles players can command are divided in five classes:

  • Unyielding Main Battle Tanks, such as the American Abrams
  • Nimble Light Tanks, such as the Polish PL-01
  • Lightning-fast Armored Fighting Vehicles, such as the British Fox
  • Stealthy and deadly long-range Tank Destroyers, such as the Italian Centauro 120
  • Self-Propelled Guns functioning as heavy fire support, such as the German Panzerhaubitze 2000

Co-Op Missions – Team up with friends to carry out the most difficult missions sent down by command. The enemy’s superior forces, controlled by artificial intelligence, will present a serious obstacle to become victorious and fulfill all special objectives in the mission.


PvP Experience – Engage in challenging, fast-paced player versus player combat. Collaborate with allies and execute clever tactics and maneuvers to emerge triumphant from the theater of war once the smoke has cleared. Armored Warfare is easy to learn, but challenging to master.

Armored Warfare will continue to be updated and supported for years to come with new weapons, vehicles, base elements, and battle modes.

The giveaway will be based on first come, first served. Just enter your email and you will receive a code for one PS4 EU Founder’s Pack – Rookie Pack that includes:

  • 1.000.000 Credits
  • 1.500 Gold
  • 3 Days of Premium Time in-game
  • Object 430 ICE Tier 3 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • Avatars, decals, titles
  • Early Access

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