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Armored Warfare on PS4 is now live!

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Following the launch of Early Access on February 6, the massive free-to-play battlefields of Armored Warfare on PS4 are now open to all!

Join the ranks of mercenaries all across the world, fight alongside your friends and defeat your enemies on large scale battlefields of Global Operations (large scale battlefield with changing objectives), PvE and PvP.

Master one of the five vehicle classes available – from lumbering heavy Main Battle Tanks to fast and agile Armored Fighting Vehicle scouts, this tank shooter is jam-packed with action and, most importantly, now also available to everyone for free!

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15,466 thoughts on “Armored Warfare on PS4 is now live!

  1. Awesome to see a post about this. Seriously you need to give AW another shot if you still are a bit on the fence. The new, russian, developers are actually doing a really good job. (The notorious russian bias in WOT was actually removed by them, the t14 armata, notoriously very OP, was m***ively nerfed and quite balanced now, if not a bit mediocre)
    If you are new there is a great amount of content, and there is a lot coming up, and GlOPs is an awesome mode. (even though I think wildcards, the special abilities you can capture, are a bit too strong)

  2. I’m thinking on starting give it more cover. Just need a bit more time or someone to help out lol we’ll see.

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