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Armored Warfare: Arabian Nights – PART II

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Arabian Nights – Part II” introduces a new armored vehicle dealer called Francine De Laroche along with her selection of French and Italian vehicles to Armored Warfare for tank commanders to obtain. Nearly all vehicles Francine will offer are configurable to fit multiple roles on the battlefield, making it one of the most diverse branches ever added to the game.

Lastly, battalions will get the long-awaited dedicated Battalion versus Battalion ranked PvP mode in which they will clash for honour, glory and, most importantly, ranking and rewards. The question of which battalion is the best in Armored Warfare will finally be answered because, in this cutthroat competition, there can only be one real victor.

Part II of the second season for Armored Warfare called Arabian Nights features:

A new French and Italian vehicle dealer

  • The AMX-50 Tier 3 Main Battle Tank (“MBT”), AMX-30B2 and AMX-30B2 Brenus Tier 4 MBTs, AMX-40 Tier 5 MBT, AMX-13 DCA Tier 5 Armored Fighting Vehicle (“AFV”) and the C-13 TUA Tier 6 Tank Destroyer (“TD”) are immediately available.
  • The following vehicles will be added as the season progresses; Leclerc Prototype Tier 7 MBT, VCAC Mephisto Tier 8 TD, Char Leclerc Tier 9 MBT and the Char Leclerc “Le Terminateur” Tier 10 MBT

Two new Special Operations missions

  • Mission 3 of the Arabian Nights season and the first of this expansion will task players to transport a valuable prisoner to a ship with the support of an allied fleet.
  • In mission 4 and the finale of the season, players will be fighting the main antagonist of the story arc and storming his base with the support of allied vehicles and aircraft.
  • Both Special Operations will have rewards and achievement that are unique to the missions.

Renewed UI and dedicated battalion features

  • In this expansion the battalion UI will be renewed but, more importantly, also introduces a dedicated Battalion versus Battalion ranked PvP mode.
  • This mode is played between battalions of 10 players with Tier 9 and 10 vehicles (with the option to assemble a full 10-man team instead of relying on randomly selected players)

Mechanics and UI improvements

  • The expansion also introduces a long series of quality of life enhancements and overhauls multiple game mechanics that will make the game a more enjoyable experience.