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World of Tanks EU: Defender not coming… for now!

While Wargaming decided to release Object 252U also know as Defender on some regions, the European region won’t be getting it. At least for now.


Yesterday an announcement was made in the official EU forum by Kandly, Community Coordinator:

Many of you already noticed that players in some other regions of the world have the opportunity to get their hands on the Defender in February. We would like to be as transparent with you as possible about this question and let you know that currently we have no plans to put this vehicle on sale on the European Server for now.

When the Defender was first introduced back in 2017, many of you expressed concerns about its in-game performance as you considered it to be too powerful. We took the time to analyse the situation carefully and – after looking at the data and your feedback – we came to the conclusion that the tank should not be put on sale as long as we considered it to be problematic.
Fast forward to today, a lot of work has been accomplished on the overall game balance, changing the metagame significantly, and leading us to re-assess the state of the Defender. While we still believe the vehicle to be a good one, we also believe the current meta no longer makes it the be-all-end-all of top tier heavies. However, we know that the European community has had particularly strong concerns about the Defender since it has been introduced. For this reason, we have decided not to re-introduce the vehicle in Europe for now.

I would like to remember everyone to focus on these two words: for now. Wargaming is not saying never, is saying for now, so expect the vehicle to be sold at any time, to be honest.

In the meantime, we’ll just watch Wargaming denying Object 252U armour isn’t overpowered, even if they used the same argument to nerf the MAUS.




  1. Yea, they changed the meta because they introduced even more overpowered russian tanks.

    Seriously, think about the E-100: What does it have on the new Object 705A except a larger caliber gun?
    They are literally completely ignoring all other nations, but if changing meta means they just add more OP-armored vehicles even to other nations without actually changing anything about the real elephant in the room, premium ammo, they will utterly destroy high-tier gameplay.

  2. I would also like to ask you to either object252u defender tank to be sold on the eu server or lock it to any player who has this tank as it is alleged that the wg strives to ensure equal conditions for everyone …. this can be purchased makes it in the premium shop that people can either lock or lock anyone so that no one can use them until they can buy it again … and it is also unfair to make it available on a certain server (usa server) and why not on other servers? (eu, ru, asian) …. this is a disgusting thing and I do not think so alone, but 95% of players

    1. Your last statement is completely unsupported. The idea of locking tanks people bought with actual money is ridiculous. Not everyone can afford to buy these tanks, fine, but they are/were in the game. If someone buys a tank whilst it is on sale, like the FCM 50t for example, but later it is removed from the store, is it fair to take it away from that player? No, it is not. A player not aware of how temporal premium tank offers can be should not be victim of other players.

    1. Well like the Defender. They never said they would ever sell that again either when they removed it. For now was used there too more or less.

  3. If anyone wants to buy a defender, e25, pz 2j etc etc they should be in the shop for sale……they are in the game everyone should have the option, no point whining its OP go and get one. WG is a company after all, not a charity

  4. Heh they just want to take some time to build a big reputation for it….. The Mighty Defender, that some lucky ones were able to once buy… when the legend has grown to E25 or Type59 proportions they will make it a 99,99€ bundle and voila

  5. “While we still believe the vehicle to be a good one, we also believe the current meta no longer makes it the be-all-end-all of top tier heavies.” WG are u kidding? In clan wars all you can see is just defenders rolling around. Adding some extra hard russian tanks does not solve the problem. We have an OP heavy that some people were smart/lucky enough to buy and all the others play with a disadvantage. They refuse to sell it again because they understand that they messed up, What can be done? Nerf the defender and for the owners of the tank that disagree, remove the tank and give them their money back by granting them the appropriate sum of gold.

  6. They can put defender in tech tree now, because it’s not the same tank anymore. They did something to armor in secret, everyone can pen it now, and you don’t need gold any more.
    So all that talk about OP defender is baseless. And , It’s one more proof how WG is robbing us. They did it to STRV S1 too, but they got busted, so they had to return stat’s…

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