World of Tanks

Update 9.20.1: M48 Patton Changes

Update 9.20.1 will bring further changes to the M48 Patton with the introduction of the M48A5 hull. With a newly remodelled hull, the only characteristics changed was the rear armour thickness that was reduced from 38.1mm to 25.4mm.

This remodelled M48A5 was only logical with the introduction of the M48A5 turret last patch.



    1. They should be the same. The only difference between a m48a3 and a m48a5 was technically the m48a5 had a Continental AVDS-1790-2D engine, note this is not the engine that is on the tank in game as we have the Continental AV-1790-7B, installed as well as removing the 90mm for the heavier 105mm m68 gun. As can be seen in the model as well the M1 commander Cupola was removed in favor of the Israeli designed Urdan Cupola


  1. The M48 also gets a new turret, right? The M48A5 turret. I didn’t know they also changed the hull of the tank. BTW , if the new turret is true. YAYAYAY, no big alien cupola that a KV2 could should hit shooting from one side of Russia to the other.


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