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Conqueror Casement Test Rig: FV215b (183) replacement?

Wargaming announced the possible replacement of British tank destroyer FV215b (183), but what is that new tank? Where did it come from? Another fake?

Introducing: Conqueror Casement Test Rig (CTR)

Conqueror Casement Test Rig (CTR), Self-propelled gun, medium, No 1, 120mm anti-tank gun, FV205 or FV217 are some of the names this tank is known for. It was a self-propelled gun based on the FV201  “Universal Tank” that mounts a 120mm gun.

FV217 Back
FV205 SP Medium AT – Based on FV201 Caernarvon

According to some sources, there was actually two variants, FV205 SP Medium AT, based on the FV201 Caernarvon “Universal Tank”, cancelled in April 1949 and the FV217 SP 120 Medium AT, based on the FV214 Conqueror “Universal Tank”. The FV205 never got past the wooden model stage and FV217 never made it past paper.

FV217 Side
FV205 SP Medium AT – Based on FV201 Caernarvon

There wasn’t any known gun specification for the FV205, but the FV217 was to be armed with a 120mm gun and was intended to be a cheaper and simpler alternative to the Conqueror. It would also have had a lower profile and would have been harder to hit while working as an ambush tank. It would be equipped with a British Leyland Diesel BL 60, with 695 bhp or with a Leopard tank ten cylinder MTU multi-fuel power pack, with a top speed of 48km/h.

So, as you can see, the FV205 and FV217 aren’t fake and are more than capable to fit the British tank destroyers Tier X position. Either one would be a natural successor for Tier IX Tortoise.

My final thoughts on this replacement are that this replacement was necessary, but will be done correctly? I believe the FV215b (183) should actually be moved to FV4005 Stage II branch as an alternative Tier X, instead of a direct replacement. This would enable players to choose which tank they would like, a less armoured, more mobile or a better armoured, less mobile version of the Deathstar. But that’s just my opinion, what’s yours?

Article updated with more accurate information on 15/09/2017.
Source: Tanks Encyclopedia &


  1. Actually really like the look of this tank and would gladly welcome it as I always thought the suggen change of 120mm casement to 183mm turreted was way too weired.

    I agree that the FV215b 183 should be kept in the tech tree, it was a historically planed/proposed tank afterall.

    I dont agree with it being put as an alternative to the FV4005. It doesn’t really fit the line.

    Something I thought of was to repurpose the FV215b heavy tanm into a tier 9 TD build off the Caernarvon and lead into the FV215b 183.

    Since the FV215b is a fake tank to begin with they can change it up to represent a sort of “early prototype”.

    I have a full post on the Asia forums if you’re interested in it:


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