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Tales of an Old Man: It’s my birthday!


Today I’m going to be away, and most probably the whole day tomorrow. Why? Because it’s my birthday! Unfortunately I’m not in Portugal as per usual, celebrating with my friends and family. But the United Kingdom is my second home, so I’m spending the day with friends and my wife and daughter!

Yesterday, I was live in my stream giving away a Strv 81 Primo Victoria and two Matilda IV, thanks to everyone who showed up and followed! Channel is growing so fast, average 45 people watching from 10PM to 2AM it’s amazing! I’ve to say it was funny to have people singing happy birthday on the stream, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up to sing! Amazing!

Will resume normal posting on Monday, I hope you guys have a nice weekend, because I certainly will… Almost forgot, thanks to DezGamez for the massive shout out and happy birthday wishes! Thank you Sir!



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