World of Warships

World of Warships Supertest: Clans, Smoke, IFHE and Radar Update

Update 0.6.10 is officially out in all regions but work doesn’t stop. Supertest 0.6.11 will be starting soon and the latest news shared by Wargaming are that Clan Naval Base testing continues. For one of the future updates, Clan versus Clan rules test has been started: 7v7, tier X, several class restriction and map objectives options.


Other changes that will be coming to Supertest:

  • Radar changes have been reverted.
  • IFHE fire chance penalty for 139mm+ guns have been reverted to -3%.
  • The penalty for smaller caliber remains decreased (-1%).
  • Detectability changes remain..

Please be aware all the previous information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it might change before the final release.