World of Tanks

Supertest: UK Heavy Tanks Changes

Wargaming has come to the decision of revising this branch’s top vehicles. The gameplay of the HT-9 – a moderately armored vehicle with a good gun and armored turret and “stretched” it to Tiers VIII-X, thus creating well-armored multipurpose heavies with excellent guns. Wargaming is also working on making the current HT-10 quite special, similar to the Foch (155), in case the changes will be released.

As for the HT-8 Caernarvon, its in-game role is currently a hybrid between a medium and heavy. It’s planned on making it a real heavy, armored and armed with an “evil” gun. In order to do that, vehicle’s protection was increased, received a new turret and a new 32 pounds caliber top gun was added.

As a compensation for increased survivability and firepower, the mobility and maneuverability parameters will be slightly decreased.


The British HT-9 Conqueror was used as a benchmark when changing the top branch. It’ll have significantly increased armor – making it a balanced heavy tank, one that’s able to take a punch and skillfully return it. As a trade-off, the improved armor will be balanced by a decrease in mobility and rate of fire during Supertest.





  1. Where do they get their before values? The upper plate on a conqueror is nowhere near 259mm effective on flat ground, more like 210…
    Same for the caern turret, that currently has 240mm pretty much as max value not counting some extreme slopes…
    Don’t get me wrong, I would love for them to get some armour(as you can currently barely call them heavies), but these pictures seem really off to me

    Wonder whats gonna happen to 215b though, almost there so I am excited, hopefully if the changes are gonna be as big as on foch 155, we get this as special vehicle too 😛


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