World of Tanks

Supertest 9.20: Tiger 217 Unique Camouflages

The famous Otto Carius Tiger 217 will receive three unique camouflages, one per season. The tank is rumoured to go on sale during Gamescom 2017, but there isn’t any confirmation on this. With the introduction of Tiger 217, all Tiger I variants will be available in the game.

Tiger 217 Camouflage Patterns

Tiger 217 Camouflage Pictures

Source: WOT-Express


  1. As something of an admirer of Otto Carius I am more than a tad stoked this will finally be here soon(ish). Carius’ Tiger I is/will be unique among all the vehicles in WoT. If I am not mistaken it is the only example to have zimmerit in game 😉
    Sure beats 131’s ‘unique’ ding in the turret ring 😛


    1. There are more differences, just notice the road wheels, there is one “missing” on Otto Carius, standard practice on later models, also they have different “gun shields” and a few other small details. This is between all Tiger’s in the game 🙂


  2. Do we know if the Crew will be special like 131, AKA full BIA?

    And will we have the great man himself as the commander?

    I think that would be epic!


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