World of Tanks

Supertest 9.20: T-44, T-54 & T-54 First Prot. Armour Changes

Currently on Supertest 9.20, several vehicles are being tested with rebalanced values. Recently announced, T-44, T-54 and T-54 First Prototype got their amour changed. The main idea is to significantly strengthen the armour on the turret front, which will allow Soviet mediums to tank with their turret when they manage to hide the hull behind cover.


T-54 First Prototype

T-44 & T-44-100



  1. Glad to see the armor of the T-54 being nerfed as it needed it. Though like to see if any more info on the T-44-100m i hear about?


    1. it’s getting a turret armor buff 🙂 and the t54 is fine, it’s a russian brawler with a low pen gun.


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