World of Tanks Blitz

T-44-100P Details & New Special Camouflages

Blitz News have shared a few more details of what’s coming to the game. Two new special camouflages, one dedicated to Tankfest 2017, but T-44-100P pictures and stats were already shared too.

Please remember the following information is from Supertest Server and it’s subject to change before the final version is released.

Special Camouflages

Tankfest 2017 – Special Event

Galacticos – Devoted to Football Fans





Hit Points 1 350
Hull Armor 90 / 75 / 45
Turret Armor 120 / 100 / 100
Rate of Fire 6.95
Aiming Time 4.6 sec
Dispersion at 100 meters 0.336
Shell Penetration 175 / 235 / 50 mm
Average Damage 280 / 240 / 350
View Range 260m
Weight (ton) 33.50t
Engine Power HP 520hp
Traverse Speed (deg/sec) 53.19
Turret Traverse Speed (deg/sec) 50.6
Maximum Speed 51 Km/h

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