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World of Warships 0.6.6 Supertest Information

Hello everyone,

Some more information from Supertest 0.6.6, some information was sent to me by email by iBot4U2, and some was send by our friends from SEA-Group.

Ship Changes

USS Kidd

  • Consumables changed.
    • Was:
      • Slot 0: Damage Control
      • Slot 1: Smoke Generator
      • Slot 2: Engine Boost
    • Now:
      • Slot 0: Damage Control
      • Slot 1: Smoke Generator
      • Slot 2: Repair Party
      • Slot 3: Engine Boost/AA Defensive Fire

La Galissonniere

  • Main gun reload time changed from 10s to 9s.

De Grasse

  • Main gun reload time changed from 7.5s to 8.1s.


  • Hangar capacity increased from 78 to 96.
  • Torpedo Bomber Squadrons use new attack formation.


  • 13mm armour plate unified to 19mm.


  • Received a new Honorable Veteran permanent camouflage.


  • Farragut, Mahan, Sims, Hatsuharu, Fubuki, Shinonome, Akatsuki, Shiratsuyu’s armored decks are unified to 16mm.
  • Benson, Lo Yang, Fletcher, Kagero, Harekaze, Yugumo, Shimakaze’s armored decks are unified to 19mm.
  • Harekaze’s 127mm/54 AP Mk42 penetration is reduced by 25%. Now it’s penetration is ~126mm at 5km. Lo Yang’s Mk31 torpedo range is increased from 6km to 6.7km.
  • Lo Yang’s hydroaccustic search range is increased from 3.48km to 5.43km vs. ships; from 2.52km to 3.75km vs. torpedoes; duration remains unchanged.
  • Yugumo can now equip Type93 mod.3 torpedo.

German Cruisers

  • 150mm HE shell penetration is increased from 25 to 38.
  • 203mm HE shell penetration is increased from 34 to 51.
  • 210mm HE shell penetration is increased from 35 to 53.
  • Nurnberg’s 2nd and 3rd turrets can now rotate 360°.
  • Hindenburg is now completely immune to HE splash detonation.


  • All types of aircraft can now be detected by ships at 8km, and can be detected by planes at 7km.


  • Firing arc of the port side torpedo tube increased by 10° to make it symmetry with the one on starboard (was asymmetry).
  • Firing arc of mid-ship torpedo tubes increased by 12°.


  • A good portion of 10mm armor plate is buffed to 13mm.

New Mexico

  • Vision radius increased from 21.1km to 22.4km.

Decorative Flags

Dragon Boat Festival 2


  • The Chinese character in the flag has been changed.

The Battle of Midway


  • The Battle of Midway took place between 4 and 7 June, 1942. It was one of the biggest naval battles of the Pacific.

Loot Boy


  • Go on and grab your loot!



  • For those who gave for their country, community, and family. Wargaming Appreciates Your Service.



  • Commemorative flag of a Moderator

Sea Smackdown


  • Commemorative flag for Sea Smackdown participants.

Great Marianas Turkey Shoot


  • A decisive victory involving the largest carrier to carrier fleet engagement in history.

De Grasse Premium Collection


  • Coat of arms for François-Joseph Paul, marquis de Grasse Tilly, comte de Grasse.

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