World of Warships

World of Warships 0.6.6 Supertest Information #2

Hello everyone,

Thanks to iBot4U2 for sending these over email, some more information from 0.6.6 Supertest. Ranked Battles Season will be Tier VI, also a few screenshots of two new camouflage patterns added to Supertest: Albany Veteran & the single use ‘Blue Lagoon’.

Albany ‘Honorable Veteran’ Camouflage

  • Type: Permanent (Albany)
  • -3% detectablity
  • +4% to enemy dispersion
  • +50% XP
  • +20% Credits

“Blue Lagoon” Camouflage

  • Type: Single Use
  • -3% detectablity
  • +4% to enemy dispersion
  • +10% Credits
  • +50% XP
  • +50% Commander XP
  • -10% Repair cost

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