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World of Tanks 9.18 Achievements Changes

Hello everyone,

With Update 9.18 there are ten achievements that have been updated due to changes in the game. I’ve created a comparison of 9.17.1 vs 9.18 so you can have an idea of what has changed.



  1. So my Burda’s Medal, which was rare and hard-to-get, is now watered down harshly. The only difference to the Dumitru’s Medal now being that the SPGs have to be a tier higher, renders the new Burda’s Medal superfluous, in my opinion. I would’ve much preferred if WG had “retired” the Burda’s Medal, moving it to the Special Achievements category – like they did with the old Sniper award. 😦


  2. Earned medals still come without any useful reward, thus they do not have any value. does anyone even still care about those medals or look them up at his/her or others’ account?


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