World of Tanks 9.18 Released – NA Region

Hello everyone,

One day late (sorry about it) but Update 9.18 has been released on NA yesterday, April 18 as it was announced by the Russian leak. A lot of changes, a log of positive feedback and a lot of negative feedback, but 9.18 is here to stay like or not. Other regions should expect the update next week.

Overall I belive this update is a very good update, SPG changes are for the better, Tier X Light tanks were part of the Matchmaking fix, etc. I know a lot of you might think this update will ruin the game, but before you throw the towel, give it a test, digest the changes and then see if you like or not. Don’t make your mind just based on information you read here, or on videos shared by Wargaming and other players. These changes are big and you will only know if you like them or not, once you have experienced them.


2 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.18 Released – NA Region

  1. wot is dead. WarThunder is the only thing that matters now


  2. yeah – play it for a week at least before you start to rage


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