WGL GF Tank 2017: Chrysler K

Hello everyone,

This years Grand Finals tank will be the Tier VIII American Heavy Tank Chrysler K. With 9.18 Common Test the tank got updated with a new model celebrating the event. Gold price is 9,200, so expect it to be available in the same price range as the T26E5.

Here’s some pictures of it in the garage.

Also it received yet another buff to it’s armour, here’s what has changed:

Hull Armour

  • Old Values: 133 / 101.6 / 76.1 mm
  • New Values: 152.4 / 101 / 76 mm

Turret Armour

  • Old Values: 228.6 / 127 / 88.9 mm
  • New Values: 254 / 127 / 88.9 mm

2 thoughts on “WGL GF Tank 2017: Chrysler K

  1. Looks like a M109 Paladin hull.


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