AMX M4-49 “Normal” Available on EU

Hello everyone,

Yes its true, after the T26E5 now we got the MAX M4-49 available on the EU Premium Shop. You can get this amazing vehicle without it’s special hero camouflage for €42.39, or as per usual you also have a bunch of bundles that cost an arm and a leg.

If you are looking for a good vehicle to buy and like me never liked the hero camouflages, then don’t miss this one out, it’s available just for two days.



5 thoughts on “AMX M4-49 “Normal” Available on EU

  1. Biggest shame from wg…why just we no have option to change camo in garage? Now i have liberty red blue…and i have to buy new one if i want change camo??? Raly?


  2. its sad it’s only for two days …


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