T25 Pilot 1 Mission Confirmed – EU Server

Hello everyone,

It’s confirmed and more details should be given out today: T25 Pilot 1 is going to be a marathon/mission tank, meaning players from the EU Server will be able to get it for free. No information if other servers will get this mission.

Players will have to complete 13 missions in 15 days, but they can only do one mission per day. So it will be one of those missions where you have to login at least 13 days out of the 15. No details yet on what missions players will be asked, but more should be announced today.


14 thoughts on “T25 Pilot 1 Mission Confirmed – EU Server

  1. Wonder what the missions will be? Usually it’s a month long kill that many tanks do that much damage. Probably something a bit more sane this time? Considering this is sort of a stock pershing.


    • It’s not a stock Pershing at all. This is a better T23 😉 But I’m curious on what the missions will be and how much it will cost if you don’t have time to do them 😀


  2. Special aka “We dont like the weekend peaks, we want more people to p(l)ay. Good move WG. Too bad the tank is average at best


    • From what I know it’s quite nice, but nothing that people will hype about it because it’s not russian or heavy 😀 “We don’t need more Russian Heavy Tanks” “Let me just get it because some people say it’s OP” 😀


  3. Oh, go to h*ll and back WG. Those marathons are annoying.


    • Please… The marathons are great.. stop crying.


      • No, they are not. Any of the marathons that require you to log in and do something any number of days (and you can only miss 2 of them) is not ‘great’. It’s a mediocre attempt to temporarily boost online player numbers at best. Some people actually have a personal life.

        And why is your first reaction to insult someone with a different opinion?


      • I think missions are going to be fairly simple tbh. Don’t count with missions where you need to do 150 kills or enormous amounts of XP! I know that some people have a life, I can’t play every single day, but maybe is something worth to try or in last resource you could buy the “missing” day for 2.5€


      • That would be the best way to do it yeah. But I can remember marathons (I think it was the IS-6 marathon?) where you had to do… 150.000 damage per nation in a month? Or something in that order? Marathons like that are just plain cashgrabs and number boosts…


      • There won’t be anything like that. Remember is a daily mission, they need to be fairly simple so players are able to do them. Not saying all of them are going to be super easy, but nothing like 150 kills or 150,000 XP or damage!


      • That sounds reasonable. Something in the order of the christmas tree event. Those were easy enough.

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  4. I’m curious if the missions will be linked to daily XP. If it is then premium account users will be advantaged and I am not sure I’d like to get a premium account for the tank.


  5. Can you post the link to the latest stats of it please?


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