Sandbox 2.0 – Light Tanks Tech Trees

Hello everyone,

First of all a big thanks to our friends at for sending this to me, so I can share them with you all. Here’s a few images of the current Tech Trees for all Nations who will have Tier X Light Tanks.

Please remember Sandbox Server is test and these values and changes might NEVER make it to the live server.



5 thoughts on “Sandbox 2.0 – Light Tanks Tech Trees

  1. So i currently have the RU 251. Should i buy the Leopard PTA so i have 2x tier 9 when the update comes out? I haven’t researched it yet.


    • You need to have it researched so you can have access to it. There isn’t a date to when these changes will come to the game, OR IF they will EVER COME this way.


      • I know 🙂 But will it be worth researching? So i don’t have to do a whole line…. IF it ends up looking like this?


      • Yeah, unlock the Leo PTA and in case you decided you want to do that line you got it unlocked already. It’s worth it, i love the Leo 1


  2. this is not fare all t8 got promoted to t9 but wz 132 is not geting promoted ….thats the only one i have


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