World of Tanks 9.17 – Further Tank Buffs

Hello everyone,

Seems Wargaming is very generous now and decided to further buff some Premium Tanks and two French Heavy Tanks. The Löwe gained another boost: a more powerful engine and thicker armor. In addition to that, Wargaming improved the combat parameters for 4 more Premium vehicles: the American T34 and T26E4 Super Pershing, the M46 Patton KR, and the Chinese 112, as well as for two French heavy tanks: the АМХ 50В and АМХ 50 120. Just check the image for more details.


9 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.17 – Further Tank Buffs

  1. finally a lowe buff that will matter.. still it’s massively UP in comparison to the other Prems


  2. Sad buffs to the T34, the gun handling wasn’t the issue it’s the dpm and mobility that are the issue. To improve gun handling enough too make up for those problems you’d need to give it stats of the KTs long 105.


  3. So much power creep because WG has added very strong premiums in 2016. Mutz, Skorpion, Patriot, Liberte; they overshadow the older premiums and many of the regular tech tree tanks. I’m glad some tanks I own are getting buffed, but the way WG is headed with their premium tank system might be bad for the game in the long term.


  4. Something’s wrong…none of the Soviet tanks are getting buffed.


  5. OMG, they will buff Super P, my best WN8, and T34, my money maker! Awesome news!


  6. Löwe has now become the game’s Sanic.


  7. That pen buff on the Super P was needed for along time.


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