World of Warships – Black Friday Ship Bundle

Hello everyone,

Just found this in the official EU forum, some interesting information about a few things that are coming up.

For those who can’t watch here’s a summary:

  • Ship never seen before on the server will be in a bundle for Black Friday.
  • No date for IJN Split
  • Mighty Missouri will be in the game in the next couple of weeks with no price specified.
  • They balance ships based on stats from all servers, not based on meta from individual regions.
  • They watch all social media for complaints and review them (such as the Montana deck armour buff) for legitimacy.



One thought on “World of Warships – Black Friday Ship Bundle

  1. I reckon It’s going to be the new T6 Japanese premium “Shinonome” Seeing as the new Jap DD line launches soon, it would make sense for WG to release it beforehand.


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