World of Tanks Update 9.16 Release Date


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Update 9.16 should be released on October 4 in the EU and NA Servers, SEA Server should get the update a week later. The sources aren’t confirmed, but I’ll update the post when more information comes out, if it turns out inaccurate.

Update #1

Confirmed to be released on October 4 in the Russian Server. EU and NA Server should get the update the following day.


A little busy…

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I’m currently a little busy with some work related issues. We had a major network problem and I’ve been sorting everything out since yesterday afternoon. Don’t get sad, I’ve fixed the issue, it’s just a matter of get everything wrapped up before I can start posting again.

Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back very, very soon…

World of Warships – Sub_Octavian Reddit Q&A

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Thanks to Takeda92 for doing a compilation of all the Q&A and sharing it. Sub_Octavian is now trying to do a Q&A in the World of Warships Reddit, and there was a lot of information in there.

Q: Might not be within your ability to answer but misght as well ask. Any plans to reduce the amount of BBs in game and improve CA/CL to make them more desirable?

 A: We would like to make cruisers more popular. This is why they get rudder mod.3 in 0.5.12. Other tweaks will be introduced later. In our concept of ideal class distribution, BBs should have 25-30% of popularity. It works more or less, but on some realms/tiers they exceeded this limit. We don’t want global nerfs and will try to avoid them at all costs – this is why we cancelled bow plating reduction. But some smaller, more precise actions will be taken.

Q: I think the question that’s bugging most of us is what the hell is going on with the British Cruisers.

 A: The initial concept implied too much “HE-smoke-spam-click-click” meta gameplay, which we really don’t want to support more. We want each line to offer some unique experience rather than being clone of previous lines.

We are testing a new concept, the 2-nd edition didn’t show good results on production test, then we improved it and will tests 3-rd edition. For now, it seems to be much closer to what we want. I am not sure the line will be ready by 0.5.13, though. We’ll see.

Q: Quite a few players feel that T5 and T6 are being handicapped since they currently see +2/-1. Is there any potential insight you could provide? Are those tiers likely to see +2/-2 ever again?.

A: We do realize that after matchmaker tuning T3-4 and T7-8 got more fun and T5-6 got more difficult to play. It was preidctable, and this was our conscious decision. We’re conducting a dedicated research on that to see what action is needed (if any) to soften the effect.

Personal remark: one guy from my team has started a new account, so we play on low-mid tiers weekly to help him with advancing. I have to say, T5-6 are still fun (IMO). Continue reading

World of Tanks – Japanese Heavy Tanks – Supertest Changes #2

Hello everyone,

Seems there has been some further changes to both tier IX and tier X Japanese heavy tanks. Aside from the armour buff, the armour hit model has been changed a bit, plus a new gun is being tested on both tanks.

Source: WOT Express

15 cm/45 41st Year Type – Tier X Gun

  • Common Type 4 HE
    • Penetration: 30 – 50
    • Damage: 975 – 1625
    • Splash Radius: 3.66
  • Common Type 0 HE
    • Penetration: 30 – 50
    • Damage: 750 – 1250
    • Splash Radius: 3.66

Again, I don’t see the reason why a new gun with just HE rounds is being tested, almost looks like an SPG gun, high alpha but low penetration. The tanks will keep their current armaments, this will just be an addition to it.

Armour Changes

Type 4

Type 5

World of Tanks – Japanese Heavy Tanks – Supertest Changes

Hello everyone,

There has been a couple of changes (buff) for Tier IX and X Japanese Heavy Tanks on the Supertest Server. Please remember that these are Supertest values and are not final.

Tier IX – Type 4 Heavy

  • Weight Limit changed from 165,000 to 170,000: +5000

Tier X – Type 5 Heavy

  • Hull Frontal Armour changed from 260 to 270: +10
  • Hull Side Armour changed from 140 to 160: +20
  • Turret Frontal Armour changed from 260 to 280: +20