Welcome to The Daily Bounce

Welcome all to The Daily Bounce.

My name is Duarte Teixeira, also know as Harkonnen and for quite some time I was thinking I should start my own blog to complete my Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Unfortunately, life didn’t allow me to do this for a long time, had to stop with my YouTube Channel and the Facebook page was quiet…

Fear not, things have changed and now I am pleased to present to you, The Daily Bounce. A blog where you will be getting articles about my visits to Museums and Historical Events, World of Tanks & World of Warships news, opinion articles and much, much more.

Some of you already know me from another blog, The Armored Patrol, where I was an editor for about three months. So to start and to have some content, I have brought over my main articles and will continue with some of the series I was creating before.

If you want to contact me and send me something you would like me to post in the blog, just contact me on contact.dailybounce@gmail.com or in the Contact page.


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  1. good luck with the new project mate.

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