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World of Warships: French destroyers, 6 additional premiums and the Soviet battleships arc announced

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it turns out that Wargaming decided to prepare a little surprise for the King of the Sea tournament. Indeed, they took the opportunity to make one massive announcement regarding upcoming new ships as well as a new arc of updates.

Let’s look at what was shared so far.

Tier VIII premium French cruiser Bayard



Let’s clear something here, I have NO IDEA of what this ship is supposed to be. It was described as a French light cruiser with 4 x 3 152 mm guns. The hull reminds me of the De Grasse as she was completed but I never saw a French cruiser design with 4 triple turrets. I’m not sure where they found that one.

For the secondary armament and anti-air, I see 6 x 2 100 mm/55 CAD modèle 1945 turrets and 6 x 2 57 mm/60 ACAD modèle 1951. There are also torpedoes with, I guess, 2 triple launchers, one on each side.

Outside of this, they said that she would get a Main battery reload booster.

Tier V premium French destroyer Siroco



The Sirocco was a Bourrasque-class of French destroyers built during the 1920s. She carries 4 x 1 130 mm guns and 2 x 3 torpedo launchers on the centerline of the ship.

She participated in the evacuation of Dunkerque but was sunk by the S-boats S-23 and S-26.

I don’t know if she gets the same type of gimmicks as the other French destroyers so I will wait before announcing something wrong.

Tier VIII Japanese destroyer Yuudachi


Oh boy… here she comes. I can already see the spam of “POI!” as soon as this ship will be available.

Anyway, the Yuudachi is a Shiratsuyu-class destroyer and was launched in 1936 then commissioned in 1937. She saw extensive action during World War 2 especially during the battle of Guadalcanal. She would meet her end at the same battle during which she was sunk by the USS Portland after having her engines disabled by the destroyer USS Sterett that she mistook as an allied ship.

Yuudachi’s special touch was described as being similar torpedoes to the Asashio but with 15 km range. Let’s see how it will end.

Tier X Japanese cruiser Yoshino


Do you remember Azuma? Well here is the big sister that is still based on the B-65 design of super-cruiser/battlecruiser.

The Yoshino will be a buffed version of Azuma at Tier X with an improved anti-air and armor. Also, she carries 4 quadruple torpedo launchers with 2 on each side and with, according to Wargaming, very good firing angles and 12 km torpedoes.

Tier IX premium US destroyer Benham


thumbnail (1).jpg

The Benham-class destroyer were built in the 1930s. The class consisted of 10 ships. All ships saw action during World War II with only 2 being lost in action. 3 other ships were scrapped in 1947 and the remaining units were used during the Operation Crossroad and… well…they had to be scuttled because of the radiations.

The ship is carrying 4 x 1 127 mm gun turrets and, get ready for it, 4 quadruple torpedo launchers with 2 on each side.
From the look of it, you don’t want to get a carrier spotting you because except for the dual-purpose main batteries, I only see a bunch of 12.7 mm AA mounts.

Tier X Russian battleship Slava


If this ship reminds you of something, it’s normal. The Slava shares the same model as the Kreml from the look of it and by such is also based on the Project 24 of battleships for the Soviet navy.
I have no idea of what the ship is meant to be. My theory would be that it is a second test version of the Kreml with different characteristics, a bit like what they did with the Stalingrad back in the days.

Outside of this, they described her as having a lower DPM than the Kreml but with a more standard accuracy. From their explanations, it’s meant to be a “sniper with good armor”

The French destroyers

Yes. Yes, we are already getting the French destroyers line. I think that I’m hearing the screams of sorrow of the Italian player base in the distance. I don’t know why the French destroyers are coming now buuuut… well they are coming.
The good part is that I will be able to enjoy the different players doing videos of them butchering the different names.

As for their special characteristics, they will, just like Le Terrible, (at least for now) not have a smoke generator (which is bad) but starting at tier VI, they will get the main battery reload booster consumable but that’s not all. They will get a special +20% top speed engine boost and they will have at high tier very fast torpedoes (75 knots) with 8 km range which is a bit similar to F3 torpedoes on the Japanese destroyers.

Tier II: Enseigne Gabolde


The Enseigne Gabolde is a destroyer of the Enseigne Roux-class. Due to delays caused by World War I, the ship would not be completed before 1923. She would then serve in the French navy until she was decommissioned in 1936.
These ships carried a main battery consisting of 3 single 100 mm guns and a torpedo armament consisting of 2 twin 450 mm torpedo launchers.

Tier III: Fusilier


As of right now, I do not know what is this ship. One thing for sure, it wasn’t built.
I guess that it’s a design preceding the Bourrasque-class but I am not sure at all.

Tier IV: Bourrasque


The Bourrasque-class of destroyers were built during the 1920s and fought during World War II. The Bourrasque herself took part to the Operation Dynamo to evacuate Dunkerque but she hit a mine and sank, bringing down with her 500 troops and crewmen out of the 1 200 that were on board.

She carries 4 single 130 mm main battery mount as well as 2 triple 550 mm torpedo launchers on the centerline of the ship.

Tier V: Jaguar


The Jaguar is a Chacal-class Destroyer built during the 1920s. At the start of World War II, she was assigned to convoy escort duties in the Atlantic until she was heavily damaged due to a collision that required 5 months to repair the damage. She then took part in the Battle of France in May 1940 and was hit by a German E-boat. The damage received forced her to beach herself but the damage was considered too important and she was never repaired.

The ship carries a main battery consisting of 5 single 130 mm gun mounts and a torpedo armament consisting of 2 triple 550 mm torpedo launchers.

Tier VI: Guepard


The Guépard-class of destroyers were built in the late 1920s. The class served during World War II but didn’t have a really great history with most of the ships being scuttled in Toulon in 1942 including Guépard.

The ship carries a main battery consisting of 5 single 138.6 mm gun mounts and a torpedo armament consisting of 2 triple 550 mm torpedo launchers.

Tier VII: Vauquelin


The Vauquelin-class of large destroyers were built in the 1930s and just like the Guépard-class didn’t have a brilliant carrier with one ship being lost in a torpedo accident, another one being sunk by British torpedo bombers and the rest was scuttled in 1942 in Toulon.

The ship carries a main battery consisting of 5 single 138 mm gun mounts and a torpedo armament consisting of 2 twin 550 mm torpedo launchers on each side of the ship and one triple torpedo launcher on the centerline.

Tier VIII: Le Fantasque


The Le Fantasque-class of large destroyers were built during the 1930s and were very fast ships. In fact, the Le Terrible became the fastest destroyer of the world after reaching a speed of 45.1 knots. All ships saw action during World War II with only L’indomptable being scuttled in Toulon in 1942 and L’Audacieux that was sunk by allied bombing in 1943.

The others first served under the control of the Vichy France and then joined the allies except for Le Triomphant that served with the Free French Naval Forces.

The ship carries a main battery consisting of 5 single 138 mm gun mounts and a torpedo armament consisting of 3 triple 550 mm torpedo launchers with one on each side of the ship and one on the centerline.

Tier IX: Mogador


The Mogador-class of large destroyers were laid down in 1935. Even though these ships are classified as destroyers, they are at the very limit of the light cruiser with their armament and displacement. The ships were also very fast with a top speed of 39 knots.

Both Mogador and Volta were present at Mers-el-Kébir in 1940 but while Volta escaped without suffering damage, Mogador suffered a hit on her rear section. The ship was quickly repaired and they both joined Toulon for repairs and refits to in the end be scuttled in November 1942.

The ship carries a main battery consisting of 4 twin 138 mm gun turrets and a torpedo armament consisting of 2 twin 550 mm torpedo launchers, one on each side, and 2 triple 550 mm torpedo launchers, one on each side

Tier X: Kléber


Before I hear any joke from Germans that would be passing by, the ship was named after Jean-Baptiste Kléber, a French general of the 18th century.

As for what Kléber is, it’s a design that was meant to be an improved Mogador-class.

The ship carries a main armament consisting of 4 twin turrets that should be the same as the ones on the Mogador. For the torpedoes, the ship carries 4 triple launchers with 2 on each side. Also, they announced that with the Sierra Mike flag, she could reach 55 knots. Gotta go fast boys!

The Soviet arc

The Soviet battleships are going to be introduced just like the previous lines with a series of updates focused on them.

There will be special containers with a chance to drop special missions to get the Russian battleships from tier V to VIII in early access.

“Honor and Glory” event


We are going to get a new event called “Honor and Glory” like the “Go Navy!” event with the US cruisers but with some improvements. Overall, the rules will remain the same.
You will have to choose every day between the team Honor and the team Glory and if a team loses on one day, the next one, she gets buffs. We will be able to earn tokens that we will be able to use for special camouflages including permanent camouflages for Vladivostok, Chapayev, Kiev, Ognevoi and for the Lenin.

Black sea port


The port will be redesigned with the colors of the different teams.

As of right now, it’s everything that we know. There are more announcements coming tomorrow with the international finals of the King of the sea and also, there will be devblogs on Monday.

Stay tuned and see you soon my friends.

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  1. Enseigne Gabolde:

    “These ships carried a main battery consisting of 2 single 100 mm guns […]”

    Um… 3, not 2 😉

  2. As for the “Bayard” the French did consider a new series of light cruisers after WWII (at least according to John Jordan) so maybe this represents that cl***.

  3. Slava is likely Kreml recycled with the 16″ guns they removed from her. Given the “long range sniper” comment, I’m inclined to believe they’re giving the shells a higher initial velocity, as was planned for the Russian 16″ before they canceled all further battleship development.

    Sirocco is probably Evacuation from Dunkirk’s Cyclone repurposed as a proper Premium.

    Bayard is seems to be a what-if-of-a-what-if, taking the ’53 modifications but keeping the triple 152s and adding one more turret in the rear, judging by what Reddit sourced (

  4. That sorrow,screaming of the Italian playerbase was probably mine, se should have got the ships before the Russian bb’s, they made them first I am ok, they are a Russian company after all but now can someone pls explain why the f*ck are French destroyers coming before what is probably one of the most requested lines of the game? They better make up for this adding not 1 but 2 lines of Italian ships when they get added because our line is getting a very very undeserved treatment.
    Well, atleast now I can make surrendering and retreating jokes whenever I see a French dd run away, since thuy got no smoke it will be a real pleasure to chew them up with my secondaries

  5. I am quite happy to see Le Fantasque cl*** in the game. As you say, Le Triomphant served in the FNFL, but, something interesting about this Ship is that the second in comand was an Spanish Republican Exiliated. Hope too see Le Triomphant with the Republican tricolor flag

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