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World of Tanks – Tundra Mod vs Vanilla

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Hello everyone,

Cheating is a big deal for me and it should be for anyone who wants to enjoy the game. World Of Tanks The Best Replays shared a video where we can see the same game played with Tundra Mod and then if it was played Vanilla. It’s clear how much advantage a mod like this can give to a decent player and before you go search it and install, be aware this mod is considered illegal by Wargaming and it will get you banned. 

For those who didn’t believe these mods can give you an advantage, do you need any more evidence?

I’m glad Wargaming decided to start doing something against cheaters and hopefully cases like this one will be less and less common. With the fist two ban waves 8,169 players were banned for 7 days as a warning just on the EU Server, meaning Wargaming does have a way to see who is cheating or not. In my personal opinion this is only going to get better, most probably we will see more players banned permanently on the third ban wave that is coming up.

What do you think? Leave your comments bellow.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Tundra Mod vs Vanilla

  1. I think any mod that affects the game in anyway should be illegal. I do not WG should just pick and choose. I feel they should just plainly say all mods are illegal.

  2. This should be banned. Its very easy to find weekspots. But I was wondering way you should use it . its impossible to see were you can “camp in bush”

  3. To me seems like has a pro and a con but they definitely don’t balance out. What i mean is there is no bushes for the guy running tundra so he has to go by memory or some other indication of where the bush is to play like he does in this video and playing guess where the bush is seems like a good way to die like an idiot. Definitely not a mod i would use. Sure this mod gives you an advantage but man does it look like utter **** playing it.

  4. No chance for that given they want mods to be developed and ease the creative thinking of their teams.

  5. Cheaters will always be cheaters. These are people looking to get a advantage. If their account is banned , there is a good chance they will just start a new one and carry on cheating.

    Bans don’t solve the problem.

    The cheat mods will always be there

    Change the client so no mods can be used , or only approved mods.

  6. “be aware this mod is considered illegal by Wargaming and it will get you banned.”

  7. OK, I use mods and I believe the ones I am using are not illegal. Having said that, I think Wot should publish a list of acceptable and non acceptable mods so that individuals don’t have to guess which ones they can or can’t use. If they are banning people, it shouldn’t be too hard to determine which mods are causing people to be banned and it would clear up a lot of confusion. Just saying…….

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