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World of Tanks: Strv K The First Ever Tier IX Premium Tank

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A brand new marathon will start very soon for the Swedish Premium heavy tank Strv K. Yes, you read it right, the Strv K will be the first-ever Tier IX Premium vehicle of World of Tanks. The marathon is expected to start in the next couple of days, if not by tomorrow.

The vehicle will be available with the typical 10 stage challenge, where you will be able to get a 10% discount for each stage you complete. The Strv K will earn more credits but also more bonds! The vehicle also has the ability to earn bonds, making it officially the first vehicle ever where players are able to pay to get more bonds in the game! A feature Wargaming strongly opposed, until now.

Together with the vehicle, you will also be able to get a brand new 3D Style called Spirit of War. The style is a partnership with the band Sabaton and will be available at an extra cost, just like previous marathons. The band Sabaton will be available again with brand new icons and voice commands and it will come with Brothers in Arms as a zero skill!

More details and information about the marathon/challenge will be shared soon.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Strv K The First Ever Tier IX Premium Tank

  1. If they really pull it off, then it was 7 years that I played. Goodbye World of Tanks

  2. Well, you will see it tomorrow or so Spirit of War: First Tier IX Premium xD I can’t say I didn’t see this coming, but part of me was always thinking “nah, they won’t do it”…

  3. As much as we hoped it wouldn’t happen, no one should be surprised, not with the amount of money WG makes off tier 9 prem ships in WoWs. It’s too profitable for them not to do it.

    Guess there goes even more possible new branches

  4. WOT express had a story about it and it has a “limit” for getting bonds.—>* Also the first prem 9 lvl. Strv K will additionally farm bonds (there are limits). Let’s make a separate explanatory post further.

    also the tanks in the “Bond” shop are old.. Need new blood..

  5. wow this is bs . Now all my tier 8 premiums are less then . this is complete and utter bs .

  6. This is bs man . All that money i spent on tier 8s . Also what about bond shop tanks are they ever going to do that . Dam greedy mfs this tank should of been added as the last battle p*** reward for the year .

  7. Another bad thing is they have this tank on console and they say its awful . Man this really stinks .

  8. Personally, i wouldn’t go as far as to say that this move will ruin the game. Right now, if you get into all tier 8 match (which happens quite often), it looks like a premium shop showcase. There should be a LOT of people playing tier 9 premiums in the game to screw the comfy matchmaking for tier 8s. Even with Progetto being called one of the best tier 8 premiums, you don’t see them in every match. So i doubt this tank will flood the game. Except maybe first few weeks, as it happens every time new tank is introduced. Of course, if enough people buy it, eventually there will be more and more coming. Just like with Christmas boxes. People buy them in hundreds so Wargaming keeps them coming as long as governments do nothing to regulate what is essentially gambling.
    As for bond making potential. Even now there is a disparity between players. I play tier 10 very rarely. So i make close to naught bonds. There are players who play tier 10s almost exclusively. They are making way more bonds than me even without this tier 9 premium.
    But if you are surprised by Wargaming backtracking on their words, you must be new here. They keep promises, that they don’t intend to keep, all the time. Like when they made a 180 turn from “there will NEVER be wheeled vehicles in WoT” to “wheelies is what players wanted”.

  9. They’ve tested the waters ages ago with Warplanes and the Goblin plane thing (XF-85) not to mention more recently and more often in Warships.

  10. stats wise the thing is a downarmored, worse-gunned, slower cent 7-1. Unless the bond making potential is insane the thing won’t be worth 1% of the asking price.

  11. Level 8 is so unbalanced and grazy. Now they begin with level 9. This is bad WG.

  12. I really thought they would introduce this thing as a new reward tank for the Battle P***, seeing that players like me have all existing BP reward tank already and that a new BP is coming up. Not sure how I feel about Tier IX premiums … On the one hand I am totally against it, on the other … with premiums such as the Bourrasque or the Progetto 46, WG have long since gone beyond the performance level of Tier VIII tech tree tanks. Balancing in WoT has become an utter pathetic joke, so why bother anymore. WG clearly doesn’t.

  13. The question is why you pull off? The game will not become unplayable (not even 279 or Chieftain managed to do this) and there already exist a number of Tier IX reward tanks, which are pretty close to premium tanks. Increased bond income, heck, so what?
    I for example currently have 462 tanks in my garage, of these 192 premium, rewards and specials, but I try to play all of them at least once a year. You think I care about bond income?
    On the other hand you will see many players who limit their play to few (OP?) tanks to become best players or for whatever reasion. They will profit from this. What seems boring to one may be exciting for someone else.
    And the other point is that as long as players “whine but buy” – and this is what the majority does – why shouldn’t WG do so? The question ever is and ever will be how careful they do the balancing, not their greatest strength I admit.
    But hey again, even with 278 and Chief the game is still playable for me (and I am by far a good player).
    Will I go for the Strv K? Maybe, let’s see the missions and price tag first. Do I need it? Nope, Do I want to have it? As a crew trainer etc … nope … the style is looking good, the crew and voiceline may be interesting … we will see …

  14. I must be misunderstanding something here, but when you look at the wot-express article regarding Strv K, it clearly shows that it has the same bond earning potential as the tier 10 vehicles. For win in top 3 – 7 bonds, in top 10 – 5 bonds, for loss in top 3 – 5 bonds, in top 10 – 3 bonds. And it also seems to have the hardcap of 100 bonds per week. Once again, this is according to wot-express, but let’s be real they are pretty much an unofficial channel of WG itself… If anything guys this should actually be amazing for most players, because unless you regularly play tier 10s you earn next to no bonds…

  15. carri armati svedesi come equipaggio hanno sempre avuto 3 componenti in questo carro premium sono 2 carristi in più, perché fate sempre si che non si possa spostare il team da un veicolo all’altro… insomma si potrà farlo ma purtroppo ad esempio fratelli d’armi non funzioneranno visto che ammettiamo che sposto il team dal carro KRANVAGN per farlo addestrare più rapidamente ma altri 2 carristi saranno a zero, insomma non sia mai che farete qualcosa a nostro vantaggio !!!

  16. But… but… I payed beautiful moneys to play in op tier 8 premium. I can’t have other people playing in a mediocre tier 9 premium that also makes bonds. Reeeeee

  17. I’m not a fan of monetizing by introducing huge number of premium tanks but its the route WG have taken and it works for them. Tier 8 is flooded and it makes sense to go into tier 9. I don’t like it but we can do without the drama queens shouting ‘this is the end of the game and I’m quitting!!!’

    What real difference will tier 9 premiums make? Tier 8 tanks will still make credits and XP. The way premiums are going, the tier 9s will become better than tech tree tanks and slowly phase out them out in the matchmaker. But this already happens in tier 8 and the game is still playable.

    The game has long been ‘World of Premium Tanks’ with the tech tree for the free to play players. I think it is the wrong approach but that is what we’ve got and it will continue. Next year we’ll see tier 9 premiums regularly released, after that? Tier 10 premiums?, ‘special’ 80 point commanders? – Probably all of that and more.

    We can complain all we want but if we buy them- WG will sell them!

    WG might change but I doubt it so just relax. If you have some cash – buy one or two of the premium 9s or 10s and just play them. If you don’t want to spend money- find a good tech tree tank and enjoy playing it.

    The only thing I wont do is spend much more on the game. I still enjoy it so its worth me spending the equivalent of a new AAA game per year but the rest of the year I’m FTP. Those players who buy everything to pad out their games stats finance the game and mean I don’t have to pay to play.

    I am less worried about premium tanks and more concerned about game mechanics. If these change and make the game less fun then I will drift away from the game but we have more influence over mechanics than premium tanks. Changes in how the game plays have a lot less impact on WG profits and if we speak up about the likes of Crew 2.0 etc we might be able to push WG back on the right game play route (hopefully!!)

    Have fun all

  18. For me its the price, without discount its £65!! So any future t9 Prem is going to cost the same as a whole AAA title. I have multiple T8 prems and i just wont pay that, that’s what’s going to kill it for me I just cant stomach that level of price gouging for a limited set of pixels. I’ll just find something else.

  19. They will probably do it soon since now they can sell bonds in a way. The 121B is amazing now though so it’s an expensive appealing tank.

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