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World of Tanks: Spirit of War 3D Style Details

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The Strv K will receive its unique 3D style called “Spirit of War”, a style created in collaboration with the band Sabaton. This new 3D style will only be available for Chapter 2 of the Spirit of War Challenge, meaning you will have to either buy the Strv K package at full price or with a personal discount, depending on how many stages you completed, and then you can access Chapter 2 to buy the style.

The style is quite impressive, and it’s the first 3D style with the tag “fictional”, meaning anyone with the option to turn off unhistorical elements of the game, won’t be able to see it when other players use it. Nonetheless, the style does have some really cool features like an “aura/glowing” effect and a unique gun mark design.

Last but not least, the tank price in-game is 12,700 Gold, similar to other Tier VIII Premium heavy tanks, this could mean the Challange bundle could have a similar price as previous ones. The tank will be the first Tier IX vehicle to have the ability to earn Bonds like a Tier X vehicle, this feature seems to be unique to Premium vehicles at Tier IX, and not Reward vehicles like Concept 1B and others. Reward vehicles are not the same as Premium vehicles, and with the release of the Strv K as the first Tier IX Premium ever, we can now expect more Premium vehicles at this Tier in the future.

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    Also do we even have specs for this thing yet?

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