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World of Tanks – New Game Mode: Frontline

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Hello everyone,

Seems the rumours were true and a new game mode is coming to the game, with a twist that maybe no one was expecting: 30vs30! Here’s more details from the Official Portal, but I’ll get more informations as soon as I get access to the Sandbox Server. Remeber, because this is being tested on the Sandbox Server doen’t mean its coming to the live server.


Frontline is going to be 30v30, with five-man-strong Platoons, all fighting in Tier X vehicles (medium/heavy tanks, TDs and arty) and Tier VIII light tanks. The latter is a temporary restriction caused by the technical nuances of testing. Eventually, the mode will switch to Tier X vehicles of all classes. And there’s no way on earth you could fit them all on a 1 km2 map. So, we’re introducing 9 km2 battlegrounds, divided into nine sectors, with one side playing in attack and the other in defense. Each stage unfolds on a certain territory. In attack, you are fighting for control over it. In defense, you’re tasked with preventing enemies from capturing it.

This is just a quick sneak peek of the new mode. We’re saving a few tidbits for the big announcement on the Sandbox Blog. Head over there to read up on Frontline gameplay mechanics, victory conditions, and more when the test begins on April 10.

To make this mode happen without hampering the work on the game’s core elements, we teamed up with Austrian game developers Bongfish. The instant chemistry between our devs and the guys from Bongfish flourished into a remarkable partnership. They worked on Frontline under our guidance, while our in-house development team focused on fine-tuning game balance, revising the matchmaker, fixing SPG gameplay, and evolving the game’s graphics.

Just because the mode rolls out on Sandbox doesn’t mean the work is done. In fact, the most important stage begins now. We are asking all of you to join and help us test and polish Frontline’s every component—from UI to game balance—leading to release. The team will be monitoring feedback and game data very carefully, investigating and fixing issues you report, and reviewing your suggestions.