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World of Tanks: American Yoh Tanks Are Here!

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For the first time ever in the history of World of Tanks, a brand new branch will be released without any Common Test and without a major update! What we all expected to be Update 1.16, will just be Update 1.15_7 and it will launch the whole new American heavy tank branch! The update will go live on January 26, at early hours of the day!

The Reserve Track Mechanic: Movement Is Survival!

Starting from Tier VII, the main feature of Yoh tanks is the unique reserve track mechanic, which works as follows:

When the main track is knocked down, the tank will continue to move, thanks to the reserve track—but its speed will be reduced. If you lose another track, its speed will be reduced further. But the tank will still be able to turn and move forward and backward. For example, The M-V-Y travels at a maximum speed of 40 km/h. If you hit the front roller and knock down the main track, the tank will slow down by 40%. If both main tracks are hit, its speed will drop by 65% of its maximum speed, but it can still move forward/backward or turn the hull to block damage

To immobilize the vehicle completely, you need to destroy at least one reserve track in addition to the main one. In this case, the tank will come to a stop and wait for repair.

Repairing the tracks also has nuances. The reserve track is repaired first, and its repair takes about 25% less time than the main one. For example, the main tracks repair in 6.9 seconds, the reserve one in 5.3 seconds (assuming the Repair skill is trained to 100%). When the reserve track is repaired, you can already start moving.

As soon as the reserve track is repaired, the repair of the main track begins. But if your speed is more than 5 km/h, the main track will take longer to repair.

You always need to consider whether you have time to fully restore the mobility of the vehicle. For example, if there is cover nearby, try to get to it to repair the rest without the risk of taking more damage. If you are in an open area, it is better to use a Large or Small Repair Kit that will repair all tracks at once.