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World of Tanks 9.22 Common Test

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World of Tanks 9.22 Common Test will open tomorrow at 2:00 PM CET. Wargaming is going to see how the new matchmaker version works and revise three branches of the Soviet Tech Tree: tank destroyers, medium and heavy tanks.

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.22 Common Test

  1. Awesome! Just researched all of the lines that are going to be updated! Can’t wait for the Object 705!

  2. “We removed SU-122-54 because it didnt fit the logic of the branch”
    “We added tank with 650 alpha gun.” in branch of rapid firing low alpha damage TDs… I think it is pretty logical

  3. I have the obj 263 in my garage and I have the su-122-54. What happens to them.
    Do I get the Obj 263 twice? (obj 263 tier X -> obj 263 tier IX + Obj 268 4 tier X & su-122-54 tier IX -> obj 263 tier IX)
    Do I get credit compensation for the su-122-54 due to having both in my garage currently?
    Or do I need to sell the SU-122-54 before the patch goes live?

    1. I suggest you sell the su-122-54 now, then you certainly will get the credits (right now), and a tier 9 for free 🙂

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