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World of Tanks 9.19 – Mixed Crews Perks

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Hello everyone,

Finally we will be able to use mixed crews with Brothers in Arms and Sisterhood of Steel as it’s just the same. Update 9.19 will get rid of the necessity of recruiting a all-female crew to be able to benefit from Sisterhood of Steel, as this skill got renamed to Brothers in Arms too. Mixed Crews will receive a boost to their effectiveness just as all-new and all-female squads do.

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7 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.19 – Mixed Crews Perks

  1. How do the voices work with a mixed crew? Does it use the voice of the commander or (if the crew is largely consisting of females) the female voice?

    1. Nope even if you have a full female crew, the sounds will still be male.

    2. No, if you change to “Commander” then if the Commander is a female, it will be a female voice.

  2. Ahahahahhahahahaha OMG I cant believe it Im such a lucky SOB ahaahaha. I bought Revalorise and I have 3 girls for my Bat Chat 25t AP and tier 10 later on aswell that I will research in less then a week or so and I was sad cuz I couldnt use em with loader thats a 4th tank member on Ravioli and now just when Im about to get these girls retrained for mediums this comes!!! I cant believe how lucky I am hahahahah so hilarious

  3. Bonus is, you will get little crewmen for free.

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