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World of Tanks 9.19 HD Tanks Pictures

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Hello everyone,

Some in game garage pictures of the upcoming HD Tanks in Update 9.19.

Source: WOT Express







FT 75 BS



Vickers Mk. E Type B



Renault EU 57


14 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.19 HD Tanks Pictures

  1. they will still not remove that baloon on the back of the hull of STA-1, that elevation on the back is so frustrating…funny cuz STA-2 doesn’t have it and has better mobility too…not interesting of playing it anymore…

  2. What’s the point of making the MTLS 1G14 in HD if nobody has this tank?

  3. And still no T-34-3..

    I think they are doing it on purpose at this time.

    1. maybe its because no one likes the t34-3, cmon man its a complete piece of shit

    2. Eh, maybe it would be more attractive with a nice hd model and buffs. Balance goes a long way.

    1. yeah i feel it will be the last tank modeled in HD, sometimes i use the one from milkyman which comes from Warthunder.., but when i use remodeled tanks i cant see when they pen me :/

  4. Finally my ugly non HD T44 is getting some love, just gonna wait till 9.19 to feel the HD-ish boys

    1. lets hope it will come with some buffs into its stats… i have kept it too, but without crew anymore..

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