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Supertest: XM66F, Tier VIII American Tank Destroyer

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A new American tank destroyer with an unusual layout arrived on Supertest this morning:

The frontal turret armor reaches up to 230 mm, while the frontal hull armor reaches up to 95 mm. Its durability is 1,300 HP, the top forward speed is 35 km/h, and its specific power is 13.6 h.p./t.

The vehicle is armed with a 120 mm gun. It deals 400 HP of damage per shot, with 232 mm of penetration with the standard shell and 276 mm with its special shell. The reload speed is 10 s. The gun has a dispersion of 0.38 at 100 m, an aiming time of 2.3 s, and 10 degrees of gun depression.

Thanks to its good turret armor and convenient gun depression, you can effectively play from the hull-down position and use various objects on the map to cover your weakly armored hull. Its handy 120 mm gun allows players to deliver fire from any distance, which makes this TD truly versatile.

While I could not find info on this specific vehicle, the XM66 program notably consisted of several turret upgrade proposals for the M60 (which helped eventually lead up to the creation of the M60A1). Among these, the XM66D turret, which came equipped with an early version of the M81 152 mm Gun/Launcher used on the M551 Sheridan, was mounted on an M48 hull for testing purposes, and still survives to this day:

As for the XM66F, some official preview renders have been provided by Wargaming:

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