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Supertest: New Map ‘Silent Garden’ Undergoes Testing

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A brand new map arrives on Supertest: Silent Garden. The map is 1,000 by 1,000 meters in size, designed for Standard Battles and has a Vietnam setting.



  1. The main place of the collision of heavy equipment, a large number of firing positions to contain the rush of the direction. Positions are located at different distances and with different types of cover, which allows you to choose a position for yourself.
  2. The main zone of collision of ST and manoeuvrable TTs, contains a large number of shots, shelters and terrain that allows you to win back both from the tower and from the protected sides (if any).
  3. Zone for a quick detour of zone 2, allows you to drive into the side, who have left to the very centre, and the rear, who have taken up a positional defence, ST.
  4. Zones of movement control on the map, as well as containment of fast breakthroughs along the flanks
  5. Positions for LT, lumen of constrictions in the ST direction.
  6. A position with a dangerous and uncomfortable run, but rich in shooting into the sides of some TTs.