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Supertest: New Map Norge

1 min read

A brand new map has entered Supertest, Norge! The map setting is similar to Fjords, but this time has an almost mirrored layout. It features a hill with some over in the middle of the map, open areas for light tanks and plenty of cover for heavy tanks to move around.

General Description

  • Map size: 1000×1000 meters
  • Game mode: Standard Battle
  • Setting: Summer


  1. Dense rows of buildings provide good positions for heavy tanks.
  2. The elevation in the centre of the map is dangerous for movement but creates a close connection between the directions. Bushes and cover allow fast vehicles to move and interact with other directions.
  3. The irregular terrain, as well as large distances between positions, allow medium tanks and lightly armoured vehicles to successfully interact with enemy vehicles.
  4. A dangerous open sub-direction allows for approaching and flanking the enemy.
  5. Raised areas with bushes and covers form containment positions that allow for control of the approaches to the bases and the central area 2.

Norge Pictures