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TDB Home » Supertest: Mitsu 108, Japanese Tier V Tech Tree Heavy Tank [16 Nov ’23]

Supertest: Mitsu 108, Japanese Tier V Tech Tree Heavy Tank [16 Nov ’23]

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The starting vehicle from the upcoming branch of Japanese heavy tanks appeared on Supertest yesterday, arriving slightly out of the expected order:

V 🇯🇵Mitsu 108

Considering its mass and size, the Mitsu 108 has decent mobility and maneuverability. While it can’t boast great armor thickness values (with 90 and 70 mm at the front of its turret and hull, respectively), the Mitsu 108 possesses very impressive armament: its top gun has a caliber of 105 mm and can deal 300 HP of damage with a single shot. This is one of the best values for Tier V heavies, though it is burdened by long reloading and aiming times (13.8 and 3.0 seconds respectively). The Mitsu 108’s gun also has a great maximum depression angle of −10° degrees.

Strangely, this vehicle arrived slightly out-of-order for the branch, as this week’s Supertest arrival was expected to be the tier 6 for the branch: Type 3 Ju-Nu. Nonetheless, if all goes according to schedule, we should see the Ju-Nu arrive on Supertest next week.

In regards to the Mitsu 108 — interestingly, this vehicle loosely revisits the original style of the original version of the O-I Experimental, featuring a 10 cm gun with 300 damage per-shot. However, unlike the original form of the O-I Experimental (which was quite broken, hence its removal), this vehicle appears to be much better balanced around the gun, having a very long reload, mediocre armor, and significantly-lower weight (taking away most of its ramming ability compared to the O-I Exp, weighing less than half as much), despite still being a very large target.

The vehicle is otherwise a bit of an oddity for the line, as – despite its increased mobility and reduced armor – the style of the Mitsu 108 seems to better suit the O-I branch, while the Ju-Nu and Ju-To more closely resemble the style of the medium tanks (i.e. Chi-Nu). Several have suggested flipping the starting points for the two branches (making the O-I branch off the Mitsu 108, and the Ju-Nu branch off the Chi-Nu), but it is unlikely this will happen, at least for now.

Regardless, this vehicle has been confirmed to branch off the tier IV Type 1 Chi-He (just like the Japanese Tank Destroyers introduced earlier this year), meaning if you want to get a head-start on the branch, it is advised to start building up some XP on this vehicle (again).

This vehicle is expected to arrive in January-February 2024, along with the rest of the new Japanese heavy tanks. Stay tuned for future news regarding this new branch!

Other vehicles in the branch:

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