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Supertest: KJpz T III + First Iteration of Changes

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A new German tank destroyer appeared on Supertest a couple weeks ago, which has since also received its first iteration of changes:


This vehicle is armed with a 120 mm gun that can cause 420 HP of damage per shot. The penetration value of the standard shell is 268 mm, while the special shell penetrates 326 mm. It has an aiming time of 1.6 s, a dispersion of 0.28 m and reloads in 11.5 s. The view range is 370 m.   

The frontal armor of the turret reaches 40 mm, while the front of the hull reaches 30 mm. Its turret traverse angels are limited to 60 degrees with 30 degrees to each side. The vehicle’s durability is 1,650 HP. Its maximum forward speed is 45 km/h, and its specific power is 17.1 h.p./t. 

The KJpz T III has mediocre damage per minute, but this drawback is balanced by low dispersion and high penetration stats. The tank destroyer also boasts good dynamics that allow it to take firing positions quickly and draw back rapidly to increase firing distance and protect its modest armor from enemy shells.

Interestingly, this vehicle represents a Rheinstahl project for an MBT from the mid-1970s. Existing only in blueprints, the project was cancelled fairly early on in its design stages (despite full documentation and drawings being supplied) — however, we will soon get to see this project represented in WoT… or well, sort of:

According to info presented by the Armored Archives channel on YouTube, the real project was planned to use a highly-unusual engine setup, which could dramatically-increase its horsepower output for short periods of time (after which it would need to be injected with supercooled gas to prevent rapid explosive disassembly of the engine) in case of emergency. The system was not implemented onto a real vehicle due to some… impracticalities with the setup, but was an interesting concept nonetheless. Furthermore, for whatever reason, the vehicle is currently represented as a tank destroyer with a limited turret arc (30 degrees to the left/right), whereas the real project was an MBT with a fully-traversible turret. It is unknown exactly why this has been done, but the characteristics are technically not final yet, so it remains to be seen whether the traverse limits will stay.

Regardless, the blueprints for this vehicle can be seen here (courtesy of Armored Archives):

Some early previews of the vehicle in-game have been provided by WoT Express (shown with SD textures):

Changes in Iteration 1

A couple days after its arrival on Supertest, the vehicle received a small buff in its first iteration:

IX 🇩🇪:TDelite:KJpz T III


  • Reload time: from 11.26 to:arrow_buff:10.47 s
    • Rate of fire: from 5.33 to:arrow_buff:5.73
    • Average damage per minute with :AP: AP /:APCR_prem: APCR shells: from 2,238 to:arrow_buff:2,406
    • Average damage per minute with :HE: HE shells: from 2,745 to:arrow_buff:2,950

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