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Leaks – Assembly Shop in Aug ’23? + Autocannon Branch News

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Two posts with some important (albeit, alleged until proven otherwise) info have come out of today, both of which claim to be from WoT Express’s paid-subscriber-locked (VK Donut) page:

1. Next Branches (after British wheeled mediums): Japanese Heavies, Czech Autocannons Coming in 2024

According to a screenshot from WoT Express’s VK Donut page (ran through an image translator below), the first autocannon line will be in the  🇨🇿 Czech tree, and will arrive sometime after the second branch of 🇯🇵:HT:Japanese heavy tanks in 2024. No further details have been provided — it is not yet known what tiers this new Czech branch will cover, nor do we know what class they will be (though, speculation suggests they will be light tanks), and the Japanese heavies have yet to arrive on Supertest. However, more info on both new branches will likely come closer to the end of the year, and the (yet-to-be-unveiled) headline premium vehicle for the new Japanese heavies is slated to make an appearance in this year’s Large Holiday Ops Boxes. Stay tuned!

(As a reminder, both the second branch of Japanese heavies and the new Czech autocannon line will come AFTER the British wheeled mediums, which are slated to arrive around the end of August/early September 2023 with Update 1.22.)

2. New Assembly Shop in August 2023?

Furthermore, according to an earlier post from the same page, the X 🇩🇪:HTelite:Kpz. 07P(E) may be the next vehicle to arrive in the Assembly Shop, potentially even as early as the beginning of August!

This vehicle recently underwent a number of changes in Supertest, but has notably been made release-ready in the Update 1.21.1 files. The current characteristics for this interesting precursor project to the MBT-70/Kpz. 70 can be found on

Thanks to for their original posts. Keep an eye out for further news, and get ready for a potential new Assembly Shop around the beginning of August 2023!

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