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Global Map Event: Confrontation Video & Other Details

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Further details have been leaked about the upcoming Clan Wars event: Confrontation. The official video was leaked and sent to us, check it above, and it gives us some details of what to expect and new changes coming to the event.

Wargaming has decided to change the event to please the masses of lower skill players and let them all have a chance to get a Reward Vehicle! The majority of vehicles have been moved to the Auction, so in theory, if there are 10,000 vehicles available, we could expect 2,000 to be given to the top players as usual for a fee in Bonds, and 8,000 will be open for grabs for the higher bidders!

Congratulations to all who moaned about how skilled players got better rewards, now Wargaming can go after your hard-earned bonds so you can get a pixel tank!

In my personal opinion, this is a bad move for us players, but a good one for Wargaming. We should expect to see more mechanics change too and see more vehicles available for Auction, even possibly Marathon tanks will at some point have some kind of auction feature to please the moaners and to milk even further the player base! Who knows, the Pandora box is open and the player base seems to like it!

Let us know what you think about this in the comment section!

19 thoughts on “Global Map Event: Confrontation Video & Other Details

  1. This is terrible change. I feel it is wrong that bad player with tons of bonds can get a tank, but okay player who has used his bonds to buy equipments, won’t get one.

  2. Suck… Now my team will probably not be good enough to get the reward vehicule, and I will probably not have enought bond for the auction because you know, I use them for equipment…this is dumb…

  3. Wg realized that always the same players were getting the reward vehicles and they decided to change that, not to mention that some of the best clans are selling places in the alley of fame and making profit in every clan wars campaign, in my opinion this is a good change and if the best players don’t have enough bonds to bid because they spent everything in bond equipment that is their problem obviously they are the ones that don’t agree with this changes.

  4. This is the most moronic change i saw in a long time. I am good player and finally when i get in top 30 clan they introduce this **** so bad players with less skill and more bonds will get tank on the auction. But us who buy bonds equipment to be more competative in clan wars and ranked battles will get screwed.

  5. Well you are bad player for sure otherwise you would never say such a stupid argument.

  6. you are a melon. 45% ******* that would never have got a reward tank bc you suck. no wonder you think this is a good change

  7. Ya because clearly everyone should listen to people who can’t play the game

  8. If only 2000 players can get it from skill that would be rly bad for compétitive ga modes cause you need t spend bonds on equipment but you gona need thoses bonds to get some meta tank … and on top 2k almost 90% of them have chief and 907 …

  9. So you’re saying, people who don’t have a chief but need one to be truely competitive go freak themselves while bad players have it and still can’t be competitive?
    Logic please?

  10. My sad history is… in 2020. I had bid 32k bonds it was too low for Chief like 1k was missing, I`m good player in decent clan 3k dpg, 3k recent in clan with 1400 elo. What i can say is only 1st team of best clans will have chance for free tank, 2k places is very low and bad. This solution works in two ways – 1st its good to empty bonds from players. There will be no boosting for money ( personal fame multipliers are off) it number will be significatly decreased. Its like 3 years and i wont get it again although i will fight for 2 weeks non stop but some 1k wn8 bond farmer will get it. ITS BAD and SAD.

  11. but wargaming is giving some tanks to average and bad players and that players are going to randoms whit chiefs and 907 anda they can not do nothing in the batle to do dmg and to carry or to make some moves to win the batle, this tanks like the chief, 279e the 907 are rewards tanks for a reason this is making the clan wars absolete, because if you have bonds you only have to do 5 batles and you have the tanks instead of some players that work to play 2 weeks in a row 5 o 6 hours and they probably will not receive the tank this time.

  12. This is just Bull****. Good reward tanks should always be a reward of being good in the game like 260 or 279(e).
    I know those tanks/missions are also sold at Ebay…but at least there was a sense to play Clanwars for 14 days and battle fort the ranks to get a reward tank. Now players who have multi of time to farm bonds and don’t use them e.g. for Equipment or Bond-Tanks from ranked (which also is a problem for not so good players to reach a rank to be able to buy them) will be rewarded. Sorry.
    Clanwars will die that way and will be nothing more then a regular global map season. People who think they have enough bonds for auction will just do the minimum effort to take part in auctions – but no more battles to be in the 8000 to receive one.

  13. Don’t really like the bias in this article, and the “moaners” comments. As things were, only the top players/clans who already had a chief would have been competitive enough to place on the top fame positions, while the rest of us average guys would try our best in our Sconqs and whatever only to be rolled over, maybe thats better for the authors ego.

  14. i agree 100% , now midle skilled players will have no chance, best lose nothing, and rich in bonds will take tanks,bravo wg i am angry

  15. I think good players have a lot of bonds… You can get cca at least 25k bonds per year if you play from time to time. Everything is for sale in this game, just to make more profit from this half dead game.

  16. That is one upside to it, clans that think they are getting rolled cos they don’t have chiefs now will field chiefs and still get rolled. What will be the next excuse?

  17. I played on five or six CW campaigns. On the first CW campaign was not Laboratory and my clan could finished with one team between of the 8300 – 8400th place (the first 8000 place was the winner). After this campaign the Laboratory and the new system arrived. In the new system an average clan (with normal tier 10 tanks) had not any chance to gain places within the top 8000. The many donated account player (pay to gain a t95, obj907..etc., and somebody plays that for you in a top clan) in the last 4 days of the cw campaigns appearing in the top 2-3000, and the players in the last 1-2-3 thousand positions loosed its chance to gain a CW tank. And it happened with many player in many times. There’s no wonder when most of the players won’t want to took part in a CW campaign. So the numbers of the participants decreasing on the newest events. Don’t forget that, always were 1000 place on every campaign to bid a tank. 1000 “moron, tomato, idiot, noob” always could win a campaign tank for bonds – now were bigger chance to win that. I think that half of the winners will be not an average player – this is true.

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