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Black Market 2021: New Open Auction Rule!

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A new rule has emerged for the Black Market 2021: Open Auction!

The Open Auction lets bidders know how many bids they are competing against and what is a competitive bid to win! Here are the rules:

  • The dealer put one lot up for auction with a minimum fixed price in one currency (either credits or gold) and a limited number of offers (for example, X pieces).
  • You won’t know the bids of other players, so just make a bid that you’re willing to pay. After placing a bid, the amount will be deducted from your account. Just like in the closed auction, we won’t keep the amount you spent if you lose the bid.
  • When the number of bids per lot exceeds X+1, you’ll see the competitive bid. Decide for yourself if you’re ready to fork out the money for this lot. A tip from me? If you really want to get a chance to win this auction, then put your money where your mouth is and exceed the competitive bid. But no hard feelings, mate, it’s the Black Market, and we make no solid promises here. You know, someone can always come forward and outbid you…
  • The competitive bid is calculated based on the highest X bids and is updated every 10 minutes. The last update is 10 minutes before the end of the auction.
  • Change your bid as many times as you like.
  • At the end of the auction, all bids are frozen. You’ll no longer be able to change your bid.
  • The players whose bids are in the top X positions win.
  • The winners receive the desired lot, and all other participants’ bids are refunded, fair and square.


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  1. The Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) Mod photo has to be a troll, right?

  2. Its not a really broken tank nowadays, it would just get 1 or 2 kills or get shredded by arty

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