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Battle Pass: “Distant Futures” Bonus Chapter (Dune Crossover Event!)

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An extra-special Battle Pass Temporary Chapter, Distant Futures, is coming very soon!

Your eyes do not deceive you — the upcoming temporary chapter features the next crossover project, this time with Legendary Pictures’ Dune!

This temporary chapter will feature 40 stages over an 11-day period, running from 9-19 November 2023. (Notes on pacing can be found at the end of the article.)

During this period, completing stages in this chapter will earn you a number of unique Dune-themed rewards, including:

  • / Customization elements
  • 2D styles
  • / Characters from Dune as crew members (one from the pass + two as additional bundles), including custom voiceover (when assigned to the commander’s position),
  • And perhaps most notably, a tier 8 premium German medium tank with a unique 3D style:

VIII 🇩🇪Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P)


  • Just like Battle Pass: Judgement Day (Terminator collaboration), it will only be possible to receive the main reward (VIII 🇩🇪MKpz. 68 (P)) if you purchase the Premium Pass for this chapter, which costs 3,500 gold.
  • However, unlike the VIII T-832 of the previous collab chapter (which was effectively a re-gunned + premium version of the VIII T32), the Distant Futures chapter notably features an entirely-new + unique vehicle, not based on any existing tech tree tanks.
  • Additionally, unlike T-832, it will be possible to remove the “Wind of Arrakis” 3D style from your VIII MKpz. 68 (P), if you would rather run the standard vehicle without the style:

“Wind of Arrakis” 3D Style

The Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P) is yours upon completing the Distant Future’s 40th Stage with the Improved Pass. You also get the vehicle’s exclusive 3D style. Once the style is applied, the vehicle transforms and looks like nothing else on the battlefield. It comes complete with the following:

  • Built-in special effects, where each time the vehicle takes fire, a blue electrical glow flashes on its hull and turret
  • Sleek lines, side vents, and tracks with extenders
  • Illuminated taillights and turret lamp
  • Permanent emblems and other cosmetic touches

Distant Future: All Rewards

Base (Free) Pass

The base (free) rewards for this chapter include all of the following items:

Regular game items:

  • 4 Days of WoT Premium
  • 700,000 credits
  • x6 +200% to Free/ Crew XP Personal Reserves
  • x4 +50% to XP Personal Reserves
  • x20 Orderly Ammo Rack directives
  • 800 bonds
  • One (1) piece of Bounty Equipment to choose from

Unique customization items/crew:

  • 6x “Long Live the Fighters” inscriptions
  • 6x “Atreides-Fremen Alliance” decals
  • “Sandstorm” 2D style
  • Fremen Warrior crew member, featuring unique voiceover when assigned to the commander’s role in any vehicle

Improved (Premium) Pass

The Improved (Premium) Pass can be purchased for 3,500 gold, and includes all of the following additional items (unlocked as you progress through the chapter):

Regular game items:

  • 12 Days of WoT Premium
  • 400,000 credits
  • 12,000 Free XP
  • 12x +100% to XP Personal Reserves
  • 9x +50% to credits Personal Reserves
  • 24x Universal Blueprint Fragments
  • 4x Training Guide (Germany)

Unique customization items/crew:

  • 6x “The Desert Takes the Weak” inscriptions
  • 6x “The Emperor’s Blades” inscriptions
  • 6x “Fremen” decals
  • “Without Mercy” 2D style

Main rewards:

  • VIII Mittlerer Kpz. Pr. 68 (P)
  • “Wind of Arrakis” 3D style
  • Crew trained to 100% with the Brothers in Arms perk
  • 1x Garage Slot

Meet the Squad

Like with the Battle Pass: Judgement Day chapter, Battle Pass: Distant Futures will feature crew members split between the main pass and separate bundles for gold. In this instance, one crew member is included in the chapter’s Base (free) Rewards:

  • Fremen Warrior
    • Raised in the age-old traditions of the Fremen, she is devoted to defending her home planet and the freedom of her people. Comes with a unique voiceover.

The other two members will only be available via separate bundles for gold:

  • Sardaukar Trooper
    • A natural-born fighter who recognizes no authority but that of the Emperor. The rest are prey—or will become such, be it his will. Comes with a unique voiceover.
  • Harkonnen Soldier
    • Known for his cruelty and lack of tolerance for dissent, he boasts a keen intellect and razor-sharp military cunning. Comes with a unique voiceover.
    • Hey, look who made it into the game! 😁👀

Their voiceovers can be previewed on the portal page:

It appears the Fremen Warrior will additionally be available in a gold bundle, in case you want multiple of that crew member (+ that bundle appears to include a separate 2D style). Furthermore, each bundle will come with additional items, including customization elements, bonds, crew books, retraining orders, and more.

Of Additional Note: More Dune in 2024?

It appears this is only the beginning of the Dune crossover in World of Tanks, as a note was left for us at the end of the article for the special chapter:

Stay Tuned for 2024

The story begins now but will go on in early 2024.

This is when you will continue your journey and get a chance to get even more rewards.

Look out for the news on the game portal!

This may indicate that Season 13 of Battle Pass may also be Dune-themed. It is also possible there may be another special chapter.

Pacing Notes

  • The keen-eyed of you may have already noticed this special chapter returns to having only 40 stages to complete, rather than the 50 of the previous two (Judgement Day and Carmen de Bisonte, which ran for 14 and 10 days respectively).
  • This makes the pacing approximately the same as the Judgement Day chapter, at ~3.64 stages per day (down from the staggering 5-stages-per-day pace of the 56TP chapter, thankfully). Stages can also be purchased (likely for 250 gold each, as usual) if you opt to get the Improved Pass ( 3,500 gold).
  • Don’t forget — like with the Judgement Day chapter, the main rewards – VIII MKpz. 68 (P) and its unique “Wind of Arrakis” 3D style – will ONLY be available to earn from the chapter if you purchase the Improved Pass!

Get ready to embark on an 11-day journey divided into 40 Stages, featuring crew members with personal voiceovers, customization elements, and a new Premium tank coated in a unique 3D style — all starting this Thursday, 9 November 2023!

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